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Acusonic Therapy Founder

Ahmad is a musician and Yogi that became captivated by the power of sound for relaxation and meditation. He created a style called Acusonic Therapy and uses the practice of Usui Reiki to transmit its therapeutic elements into this sonic offering. Acusonic Therapy is like acupuncture using needles of divine frequencies and harmonic ratios that exist throughout the universe. Ahmad’s work with sound comes intentionally promoting therapeutic restful relaxation where rejuvenation and transformation can occur. Embodying the Yogic term Nada Brahma (the world is sound), He works with acutely selected acoustic tools such as, seven metal singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, flutes, didgeridoos, strings, hand pans, voice, and others.

Acusonic Therapy Attunement Offerings:

Chakra Medicine
Neuro Energy Centers Alpha Brain State Enhancement

Sound Healing

"A privilege of a lifetime is being who you are"​

-Joseph Campbell

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