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Banana Leaves

Lauren Claire


Tantric yogini, psychologist, cacao devotee and leader of embodied movement. Lauren Claire earned her degree in psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Lauren is a certified yoga teacher with over  500 hours of training from the roots of Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica and Meghan Currie in Bali, Indonesia.


Lauren is inspired to hold space and remind people of their own innate wisdom and power. Her life was changed by her initial exposure to yoga 15 years ago and has been exploring the connection between mind, body, and spirit ever since. She facilitates unique events, trainings, and retreats encompassing yoga, meditation, breath, ceremony, dance, and flow arts. 


Through a lifestyle of embodied wellness, Lauren creates space and supports others to heal, transform, and experience themselves more deeply.  Using tools from her own journey, she inspires and instigates open communication within the self and others.  It is her greatest honor in life to help those who are ready to evolve and embody their connection to intrinsic wisdom through play and openness.

Soul Rhythms Offerings:

Yoga, Movement, Breath

Cacao Journeys


Ecstatic Dance

Soul Rhythm Workshops


"A privilege of a lifetime is being who you are"​

-Joseph Campbell

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