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Sacred Solstice


December 21st. 2022

7pm MST

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Dear Beautiful Soul,

I am so thrilled to offer a virtual event for the last major cosmic event of 2022, THE SOLSTICE, December 21st, 7pm Mountain standard time. I'll be tuning in and bringing you some fresh energy from the magical land of Bali!  The Solstice is one of the most powerful days of the year to acknowledge.  For me it is a “new year” and is significant to reexamine the past year, how far we have come, to set our sights and plant our seeds for where we want to go in the next cycle.  Solstices mark a turning point of the Earth on its axis. It is a marker for the change of the seasons.  Environmental Rhythms have a tremendous impact on our body and minds.  Having Seasonal Depression? Feeling something is on the cups of being birthed into your life?  Ready to change and take action in the places that you have been feeling stuck?  This offering we will move energy and use the power of manifestation and intention to create momentum as a group which will affect you as an individual.  This night of Magic will give you an opportunity to ground into yourself and get out of the chaos of your daily stresses, or scattered brain.  This hour and a half is designed for you to create the momentum you need in this dark season to get ready for your next cycle of becoming!  Join me and let’s celebrate this life, this season, this rhythm of being. 

with love,

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