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Alchemy Retreat
Lake Atitlán, Guatemala   May 30th-June 6th 2022

Image by Syd Sujuaan




: the art of transformation, liberation, and change. 

Alchemy Retreat will honor your metamorphosis.

A gift to your life's unfolding.

This journey is designed to support you in any stage of your life.  We will utilize a blend of alchemical practices to align mind, body, soul and spirit. Show up open hearted and ready to listen to the language of your experience. 
Unlock the deeper patterns that hold us back from living our dreams.


We are the alchemists of our reality. 

 unplug the chord of overstimulation

to liberate your senses

learn valuable practices

make lifelong connections

where water meets the sky

fire transforms the Earth

elemental alchemy exists

at the sacred Lake Atitlán


I deeply look forward to guiding you on this transformative & healing journey!

- L